• Please bear in mind that ham hates to be put in the freezer. We recommend that you buy a nice solid ham and keep it in a linen bag (never use plastic!) or it is even better and more practical to put the face where you cut the ham on a plate, to prevent flies from getting at your ham. Never put the ham in the fridge, not even with high room temperatures.
  • If you have bought a small quantity of cut ham, however, it is best to keep it in the fridge.
  • If you use our SUPERANO ham in hot dishes, you should only add it to the dish at the end so that the ham isn't cooked. 

    Pata Grega with bone : how to carve and enjoy :
  • Use a spoon to scrape away the fat on the outside of the ham from the bottom upwards until the meat becomes visible. Start where you can see the bone sticking out. Keep the fat in a small saucer.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut thin slices from the ham. Cut vertically, against the direction of the grain in the meat, from the top downwards and in one smooth movement. This is the best way to get nice slices of ham which will melt in your mouth. Never cut the ham horizontally at the top. If you do, you will taste the grain in the meat. A little bit of fat will always come off when you cut the ham, but it is precisely that which gives a special flavour to the meat.
  • After cutting the ham, cover the cut face of the ham with fat or coat it with vegetable oil. Then cover the meat with kitchen foil and store it in a dry place. Don't worry about the shelf life. The ham will keep for a few months.