1. GREGA’s SUPERANO is considered the Belgian prime quality ham par excellence by many connoisseurs. This became evident in 1990 at a gastronomic contest. During a blind test, the majority of the jury members preferred the Buggenhout ham to Italian ham.

2. At a contest for the best hams, which was set up by the organizing committee of Agro Expo Flanders in 1994, Gaston Van Den Berghe not only received a gold medal for his Nec Plus Ultra (18 months matured) but also a silver medal for his Superano (15 months matured). In 1990, Gaston Van den Berghe had already won the gold medal for his Superano ham.
The jury stated that: ‘The Nec Plus Ultra and Superano hams have a balanced moisture content, are beautifully veined, have a pleasant smell and taste, and are simply better than any other foreign dried ham. Just perfect!’

3. On 8 July 1996 Grega was awarded the ISO 9002 Quality Certificate. This certificate is an official recognition of the quality system implemented and maintained by the company in conformity with the requirements of the EN ISO 9002 standard for the production, sale and transport of dried and cooked hams. If Grega wants to keep this certificate, it is required to undergo a thorough audit every 7 to 8 months. Since 15 January 2005 the ISO certificate has been replaced by the BRC certificate, which guarantees an even higher level of quality control.

4. At the 67th Food and Domestic Equipment Fair (better known as the Food Fair) Grega, the Buggenhout-based ham maker, was awarded the gold medal for its prime quality dried and cooked hams.