Ham is the best part of the pig. It is prepared in various ways. The simplest way to preserve ham is to dry it. The meat is first salted with sea salt and then dried.

If you mention dried ham, some foreign products spring to mind. However, salting dried hams and letting them mature is a typically Flemish way of preserving ham.

GREGA, a Flemish ham producer based in Buggenhout, mounts considerable marketing campaigns to make its traditional products more widely known and to boost sales. The name GREGA may not be familiar to everyone, yet the company has built up a sound reputation in this country through the years.

 GASTON and GRETA (hence the name GREGA) Van den Berghe - Vermeir took over the business from Mr. Van den Berghe’s father and uncle in the 1950’s. In the butcher’s shop customers often asked for quality ham. That is why they decided to make their own prime quality ham.

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